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BRAEMAR CREATIVE ARTS FESTIVAL team is busy organising this year’s workshops. Our website will be undergoing a makeover shortly so please don’t try to book through that. If you are interested in this year’s Festival below please email braemarartsfestival@gmail.com for more information and/or to register interest.

Braemar Creative Arts Festival 24th-28th October 2018

What started as a small 3 day festival with 15 classes in 2012, has completed its 6th year. The Festival has grown to a 5 day event with in excess of 30 classes, a programme of evening entertainment, a market, affectionately known as the Braemarket, and a wonderful Fringe of fabulous knitting and other daytime events.

Many thanks to all the fabulous people who come together to make this friendly festival happen and long may it continue.