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Congratulations Marilyn!

One of Councillor Geva Blackett’s nomination in 2017 Aberdeenshire Council Volunteer Awards was Marilyn Baker. On 11th November, Geva wrote “Marilyn is far too modest to accept this award on her own – she insists the whole Braemar Creative Arts team deserves it which to a degree is true, but Marilyn started it and its Marilyn’s enthusiasm that focuses everyone. In this village of 400 residents we are so lucky to have people like Marilyn who have a vision and the determination to bring that vision to reality and a community of talented people eager to broaden their horizons in a variety of creative pursuits.”

Braemar Creative Arts Festival

What started as a small 3 day festival with 15 classes in 2012, has completed its 6th year. The Festival has grown to a 5 day event with in excess of 30 classes, a programme of evening entertainment, a market, affectionately known as the Braemarket, and a wonderful Fringe of fabulous knitting and other daytime events.

Many thanks to all the fabulous people who come together to make this friendly festival happen and long may it continue.