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Thursday 25th October 10:00 -12:30

70s Disco...Learn freestyle and speciality disco moves including the hustle, the bus stop and the bump to name but a few. 

All you need is your disco finger and a lot of attitude! Always a good class for all abilities.


Page 2 Drama,Dance & Lit

Let’s Dance with Chris Stuart-Wilson, choreographer at Pitlochry Festival Theatre

Do you work in a Care Home? Would you like to learn more about Seated Swing and how you can bring joy to the elderly in your care?

Thursday 25th October


‘Seated Swing’ – This class is aimed at the elderly and infirm but also to teach the techniques to those who work with them. 

The Swing being the general era - mainly comprising of Charleston and Swing inspired moves. 

These sessions are designed to not only focus on movement but sequencing pathways (co-ordination).

 The perfect workout for body and mind!!

Seated Swing classes can work in the round or in a semi-circle. 

Chairs without arm rests are preferable but not essential. 

Led by Chris Stuart Wilson as seen on BBC Timeline.


Bollywood Dancing with Soumya

Friday 26 11.00 – 13.00 and repeated at 14.00 –16.00

You will be introduced to the various dance forms of India with a focus on Bollywood dancing.

You will learn a 5 min dance routine by the end of this workshop. 

No previous experience required. Dress code would be loose comfortable clothing.

Check out Soumya’s website–


Creative Writing with Alison Bell

Friday 26 10.00 – 16.00 and half day Saturday 10.00 – 14.00

Explore ideas of place,community and belonging in this two day workshop.

Suitable for beginner writers and those with more experience who are looking for new skills and challenges.

Writing about where you are right now, can help you develop a descriptive language which will enrich your work
whether your interest is in fiction,non-fiction or poetry.

Through a series of guided exercises, and using Braemar and its landscape as inspiration, you will find themes,characters

and a strong sense of place emerging in your writing.

We’ll take a short walk in the village each day to gather ideas, so bring appropriate clothing. 

Otherwise all you need is paper and pen - leave your laptops and tablets at home!


Alison is a member of Aberdeen Writers’ Studio and is currently one of Scottish Review of Books’ Emerging Critics.

Her work has appeared in North words Now, Dundee Writes and in the Dundee University Review of the Arts.

She has many years experience writing for newspapers,magazines and radio, and holds an

M.Litt in Creative Writing from Dundee University.

Much of her short fiction and poetry is rooted in the landscape and community of Mid-Deeside, where she lives.
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