About us


Braemar is a village of 400 residents, over 50 miles from the nearest cities with no theatre, cinema, museum, or library on our doorstep. What it does have is stunning scenery, an interesting history, and a community of talented people eager to broaden their horizons in a variety of creative pursuits. This is the fertile soil in which the germ of an idea to hold a creative arts festival was planted.



After winning the Inspiring Aberdeenshire Best of Marr Award 2015, the 2016 BCAF, the fifth annual festival, was the biggest and busiest yet.





Work began on BCAF 2017 soon after the new year, and many thanks are due to Creative Scotland Open Funding, and Foundation Scotland for their generous support which enabled our project to continue to grow in all directions.



There will be Music and Dance workshops, Arts and Crafts workshops, Drama and Literature workshops and a Festival Fringe featuring evening events, the Braemarket and the Deeside Knitwits.

Watch this space and check out our Facebook page for updates.

Very soon, we will publish the details of all the classes, workshops and fringe events due to take place between Wednesday 18th and Sunday 22nd October 2017.

Put the dates in your diary – we look forward to welcoming you all to the 2017 Festival!

The Braemar Creative Arts Festival team is very grateful to Awards for All for their support.