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Art & Craft Workshops 

from 10:00 until 13:00 in St Margaret’s
Maximum number 25

A rare opportunity to work with EdenJolly, from the Scottish Sculpture Workshop
Thisworkshop will introduce participants into the extremely simple method ofcasting small charms into pewter that will give you brilliant and effectiveresults. You will be amazed how professional the result will be and it’s soeasy and safe you’ll be able to carry on making charms at home afterwards.Participants will make at least one small charm or piece of jewellery andpossibly more. All tools and materials will be provided but please wear oldclothes and bring a few sketches or photos of your ideas. No previousexperience is required and don’t worry if you’re not an “artist” there are lotsof ways you can create your small charm e.g. by pressing things into the softbone. The workshop will be led by the senior technician at the ScottishSculpture Workshop Eden Jolly with Jane Smith assisting.
Price £30        

Wednesday 24 a 2 hour class with Mel Shand

Max number in each class = 6

Class 1.10.00 until 12.00 Class 2 14.00 –16.00

Going back to the basics in “seeing”, this workshop with Mel willexplore drawing techniques considering found objects from the 

natural world.From a collection of materials we will select small still lifes and makeclosely observed studies in pen and ink, pencil, or

watercolour. Suitable for any level, individual tuition will be given within the class and everyone is encouraged to develop their drawing 


I will supply “found objects”, good quality cartridge paper,dipping pens and ink.

Please bring own paints,water jar, brushes, pencils

Follow me on facebook asMel Shand Artist or via my website

Price £15

Drawing from the Natural World

Cuttlefish Bone Casting

Scrappy Patchwork with Stella Chandler

Basket Weaving 1 with Helen Jackson

Basket Weaving 2 with Helen Jackson

Thursday 25 9.30 – 13.30

Maximum number 6

Weave a boat form, using coloured willow or rushes, which is easier on the hands. The class is suitable for beginners. All tools and materials will be supplied.

Price £30 (includes the materials)

Thursday 25 14.00 – 16.30

Maximum number 6

Weave a garlic basket. This design originates from Germany and was used for holding bulbs of garlic. It also makes an excellent bird

feeder,  suitable for fat balls. This design is suitable for beginners. All tools and materials will be supplied.

Price £22 (includes materials)

Brioche Knitting with Belinda Rose

Thursday 25 10.30 – 16.00

Maximum Number 8

Brioche knitting creates an airy fabric.Using dark and light yarns can make fabulous dark light patterning. Once the rhythm of the

stitch has been mastered it is fun to add pattern, crossing lines over other lines. It can be knitted both back and forth and around. 

Students will knit a small sample and should be comfortable knitting and purling.

I will teach:-

the Italian cast on, for those unfamiliarwith it.

the brioche rhythm

decreasing and increasing techniques tocreate pattern

the cast off.

Participants should bring:-

double knitting or aran wool in two colours

double pointed (8” or so) or circularneedles, size UK10 or 3.25 mm*


tapestry needle.


Thursday 25 14.00 – 16.00

Maximum number 12

Learn the art of professional gift wrappingfrom Caroline who learned it from Belgian Chocolatiers GODIVA!

This class will demonstrate how to wrap a gift neatly and easily using paper folding techniques and without the use of sellotape.

You will then learn how to decorate the packages with hand tied bowsand embellishments. All materials will be supplied and no
previous experience is necessary.  


Wrapit Up with Caroline Hadley –Smith

Wednesday 24 10.00 – 16.00

Maximum number 8

Use new or fabric left over from otherprojects to make a table runner, or table centre, suitable for Christmas or anyother time of year.

If you have a sewing machine, please bring it, but if you need to borrow one, let us know when you book.

More details available from

Price £20

Oil Painting (alla prima) with Tom Barron

Tablet Weaving withBelinda Rose

Friday 26 10.30 -16.00

Tablet weavingis a fascinating form of weaving which can be used to create highly intricate

patternednarrow bands. Viking age people used tablet weaving to make closures for


No experience is required for this introductory workshop. Using the small inkle loom, tablets

and yarnprovided, students will weave a small two coloured band about a centimetre wide

and a metrelong, suitable for a delicate neckpiece or wristlet.

Once thetechnique has been learned it can be used to make larger pieces, jewellery,

headbands,bookmarks, camera or guitar straps or sewn together to make pouches or other


Learning totablet weave is a great way to understand the weaving process and can easily be

done at homeusing simple inexpensive equipment. It can be simple and it can be complex.

I will provideinkle looms, tablets and yarn for each person for use on the day.

Please bring your own scissors, 6” ruler and a tapestry needle.

Price £30
Friday 26 10.00 – 16.30

Maximum 10

A full day’s workshop with Tom, usingwet on wet techniques to paint a seascape.

The workshopwill be focused on tutor demonstration and students following tutor techniques.

(painting along, as it were ) Materials required

canvas or canvas board 600mm x 600mm ( suggested).

Mixing palette and palette knife.

White spirit for brush cleaning.

Pure turpentine for paint thinning.

Kitchen roll or similar for brush and equipmentcleaning.

Oil colours: Titanium white, Terre verte,Veridian, Cadmium red, Yellow ocre, Prussian blue, Cerulium blue, Violet.

Price £30

Knitted Wire Viking Jewellery

Friday 26 from 10.00-13.00 with Renee Vincent

Max number 8

Viking Knitting dates all the way back to,well, the Vikings. Traditionally made from melted down coins turned into fine wire, these

chains were formed using a loop in loop technique. Vikings literally wore their treasure! In this class students will learn the 

technique using *plated wire. They will be taught how to weave a Viking knit chain and how to draw it into a delicate yet sturdy piece

of craftsmanship. The aim is to leave with a modern and wearable piece of jewellery. Materials will be provided for the class but if you

happen to have a bead (or more!) that you would like to add to it, bring it along! There is no experience necessary.

*please note that the wire and findings used in this class will not be sterling silver.

Price £20

Needle Felting 1

Friday 26 13.30 – 16.30 withDoreen Cowe

Max Number

Create a 2-dimensional needle feltedpicture in a 3hr class in which you will learn to create your own masterpiece using wool and embellishments.

No experience needed. All materials will be provided.

Price £25
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